I also work secondarily as a writer, researcher and translator. For me, the written word holds many subtitles and variations and I greatly enjoy working in depth with a text to find the most satisfactory method of displaying intention. I hold a strong background in literary academia, having completed a master’s degree in medieval texts in 2014, and a high degree of experience in fiction and writing for film. Currently, I hold several credits for the translation of short films and documentaries from Swedish to English, and have several projects that have received nominations and screenings within festivals.

I enjoy telling stories that focus on the lives of people who are not necessarily in the spotlight, but never the less caught between major conflicts and troubles in society and the greater world. Most recently I have had a short screenplay nominated for best short film at Cannes Latitude Film Festival 2016 and am currently seeking funding for a short fantasy project ‘I Live in the Marshes’ (follow noblebardproductions on instagram).

Below you can find links previous projects I have written and directed.

”Kindred’ – 2016

‘Solace’ – 2015

Excerpt from ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ – 2014

Demo test scene ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ – 2013