The Writing Vikings Podcast: Episode 01 – A World Without Potatoes

Vendela Ahlström and I decided to do something impulsive! We’ve started a podcast with the super cringy but super accurate title The Writing Vikings.

Join us on our writing journey as we discuss all things writing, fantasy and history, with a healthy dose of Viking related stuff.

In our first introductory episode you’ll get to know a bit about Lizzie and Ven and our fantasy WIPs. We cover the topic of narrative voice, edible wild plants, kulning (ancient nordic herdingcall), potatoes’ high status in fantasy and the lack of windows in Viking longhouses.

All episodes will be available on YouTube in video format under the name The Writing Vikings. You can also find the audio episodes on Spotify under artist name ‘The Writing Vikings’.

Lizzie recommends [Once Upon a Time on Lingjian Mountain](

Ven recommends [The Restaurant (Swe: Vår Tid Är Nu)](…) and [The Northman](…).

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