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Capturing the story…

Dedicated and inspired novelist and content writer with a passion for using thorough research to get to the heart of the story. Elizabeth has experience writing on a wide range of topics including music, lifestyle, history, wellness, travel and anthropology. Additionally, she is an up-and-coming fantasy fiction writer with short stories currently published in the Visions of Darkness anthology by Kyanite Publishing (2020) and online. She greatly enjoys exploring the different ways in which words can be shaped to suit different audiences and readers and strives to take a critical approach to writing, with strong attention to reliability of source material.

During 2010-13 Elizabeth acquired BA hons Music at the University of Nottingham, with strong elements of anthropological and historical analysis. She is particularly fascinated by the role that music has played within ancient societies and what this can tell us about our own society today. In 2014 she went on to complete an MA in Anglo-Saxon and Viking Studies where she was able to spend a year examining Old Norse and Old English literary sources. Her final dissertation project was a theoretical analysis of the extent to which old texts can be adapted to visual media and still retain historical authenticity.

Since this time she has completed an array of subsidiary modules to keep my academic skills sharp and further my knowledge within fields of interest. Most recent courses include Music Archaeology (Linnéuniversitet) and Music and Medicine (Royal College of Music, Stockholm).

Elizabeth also holds experience in screenplay writing. On both a hobby and professional level, she has been engaged within the film industry since 2014 and have scripted a variety of short film projects, as well assisted in screenplay translation from Swedish to English.


Elizabeth Carlyon, ‘Jaws of the Deep’ in Visions of Darkness (Kyanite Publishing: 2020).

‘Story of Us’. An episodic series written for Cordao de Ouro Stockholm as part of their Story of Us event (2020).

Short Films

“Memory Metals” 2019 (dir. Beata Konar). Translation from Swedish.

“Kindred” 2016. Written and Directed.

“Solace” 2015. Written and Directed.

“Down the Rabbit Hole” Short Film 2013. Written and Directed.