Elizabeth Carlyon is a fantasy author, content writer and researcher living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Fueled by an academic background in ethnomusicology, medieval literature and anthropology, she holds a particular passion for exploring the potential of words and art in crafting and shaping our subtle sensorial perception of the world throughout time. From legends of cats in tea houses to the music we paint our stories with, it is her passion to dig deep into the methods people use to enrich creative communication and self-expression.

Elizabeth holds a BA hons in Music (2013) and an MA in Anglo-Saxon and Viking Studies (2014) from the University of Nottingham. After seven years of working as a freelancer within the film industry, she has recently returned to studying again and is partway through the first year of a second master’s degree in Musicology and Anthropology at the University of Uppsala. She is an active member of Stockholm Writer’s Network and Stockholm Fantasy and Sci-Fi Writer’s Group.

When not scribbling away at a coffee house table, she can often be found practising yoga, meditating over a cup of tea or exploring hidden corners of the world.

If there are any ideas I can help you with, big or small, do get in touch!